NMAP 2022 Annual Report

NMAP works with global communities to change narratives to advance human rights and environmental justice. We share our research on narratives and values, and our expertise in impact storytelling, with people on the frontlines of global crises. Working as co-producers, […]

Catalyzing New Narratives on Refugees

In 2022, New Media Advocacy Project (NMAP) carried out a media landscape and narrative analysis examining the perceptions of refugees and other displaced individuals in Poland, the Czech Republic, and Germany against the backdrop of Russia’s invasion and war in […]

Eurasia Media Landscape Analysis 2021

In 2021, New Media Advocacy Project (NMAP) conducted research into how media trends related to COVID-19 inspired shifts on major human rights issues. The objectives of the research were to: 1) Identify shifting societal values that may have emerged due […]

Онлайн-курс: Смена нарратива как экосистема

Смена нарратива – относительно новый концепт, используемый многими активистами и правозащитниками в своей работе. Зачастую он некорректно отождествляется с стратегической коммуникацией и ведением агитационной кампании, но на самом деле имеет больше общего с культурным производством и бихевиоризмом. Чтобы познакомить активистов […]

Aprender en Línea: El Ecosistema del Cambio Narrativo

El cambio narrativo es un concepto y un enfoque de la defensa de los derechos relativamente nuevo para muchos defensores y ambientalistas. Aunque a menudo se confunde con la comunicación estratégica y las campañas, el cambio narrativo tiene más en […]

Apprentissage en Ligne: L’écosystème du Changement du Récit

Le changement de récit est un concept et une approche de plaidoyer relativement nouveaux pour de nombreux défenseurs des droits humains et environnementaux. Bien que souvent confondu avec les communications stratégiques et les campagnes, le changement de récit a plus […]

E-Learning: Narrative Change for Advocates

Narrative change is a relatively new concept and advocacy approach for many human and environmental rights advocates. While often conflated with strategic communications and campaigning, narrative change has more in common with cultural production and behavioral science. To prime advocates […]


Building Narrative Power with Appalachia

For the past two years, NMAP has been working in collaboration with grassroots environmental advocacy groups in Appalachia to better understand how to mobilize communities to fight petrochemical projects throughout the region.

Harmonious World: Legend vs. Reality

NMAP and Center for Transnational Environmental Accountability (CTEA) commissioned this qualitative study to understand Chinese audiences’ perceptions about China’s environmental impact abroad. Despite the ongoing and rapid financial investment portfolios of Chinese companies globally, natural and human life must be […]

Finding Hopeful Narratives for a Greener Appalachia

This report summarizes key findings from a recent round of audience testing that NMAP conducted with people living in the Ohio River Valley using ​dscout, a flexible online tool that provides fieldwork-quality insights by allowing participants to deeply immerse themselves […]

Petrochemicals in Southern Louisiana

In June and July 2020, NMAP conducted a media landscape analysis for Louisiana Bucket Brigade, surveying an extensive media sample relating to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries in southern Louisiana. The purpose of this research was to identify key […]

2017 Annual Report

NMAP WAS FOUNDED IN 2009 to help human rights advocates tell stories rather than convey messages. This is the heart of the problem NMAP works to solve: whoever tells the best story wins, and too often civil society lacks the […]

NMAP Annual-Report 2013

Annual Report 2013

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