Job Openings

Communications Specialist

NMAP is seeking an experienced organizational communications specialist on a contractual basis to manage and build on NMAP’s digital and social platforms. The ideal candidate should have an ability to succinctly communicate complex issues in a dynamic and engaging way and have a background in nonprofit communications and marketing. Learn More and apply >>> Communications Specialist 

Internship Opportunities

Research and Development Internship

The Research and Development Intern will work with NMAP’s Research Director to build and support the organization’s research capacity and strategies as they relate to narrative landscaping.
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Research & Development Internship (Undergraduate Students)
Research & Development Internship (Graduate Students)

Narrative Analysis and Strategy Internship

The Narrative Analysis and Strategy Intern will work with NMAP’s Director of Narrative Strategy and Distribution to research visual narratives and develop an approach for cataloging and mapping visual storytelling that reinforces specific narratives. In addition, this internship will include the opportunity to develop strategic partnerships and narrative change workshop content.
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Narrative Analysis & Strategy Internship (Graduate Students)



NMAP is always looking for experienced video and event translators. Special interest in Haitian Creole, French, and Russian translators.

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