NMAP has developed a methodology that helps activists, organizations, and coalitions develop more successful counter-narrative and narrative change campaigns. Our methodology includes a blend of our unique pre-production process and the design thinking process and incorporates key lessons from leading edge social and behavioral science and media manipulation research.

NMAP’s methodology is comprised of six components, which also act as service offerings that can be accessed as stand-alone pieces or scaffolded as a long-term collaboration. 

1. Discovery

This stage includes focus groups, audience research, media/master frame analysis, values mapping, risk analysis, and curation of existing research. At the conclusion of this stage, we identify target audiences and determine the type of change we want to make.

2. Strategy Development

Based on the results of the discovery stage, we create a short list of potential framing strategies and test them with sample audiences. We storyboard and present these ideas to test audiences. Then, we analyze their reactions and share the results with project partners. Here, we use our CONTINUUM OF IMPACT to define the project goals.

3. Creative Concepting

Using the results of audience testing, we choose the most effective framing strategy. NMAP develops a unique storytelling concept and selects the appropriate media to deliver it, whether film/video, multimedia, VR/AR, animation, and/or social media campaigns. Drawing on our storytelling and media experience, we draft a plan to distribute content, monitor effectiveness and evaluate impact.

4. Production

Pulling from our global and local creative networks, we form a production team and produce the approved creative concept. We schedule multiple rounds of review, creating a collaborative process between NMAP and project partners.

5. Impact Production

We refine and execute the distribution plan. NMAP supports our partners by aligning content with existing advocacy efforts and by organizing events, screenings, and/or online social launches tied to measurable impact points on the CONTINUUM OF IMPACT.

6. Monitoring and Evaluation

We measure and evaluate the campaign’s impact, providing project partners with a report to share data and summarize findings. We make recommendations for further impact and distribution support, helping to inform future advocacy.

Trainings and Workshops

NMAP works on many projects focused on skills-building, helping organizations develop strategies for effectively using the power of visual storytelling as a narrative change strategy. To this end, we offer trainings and hands-on workshops to organizations, activist coalitions, and foundations that are interested in learning more about how to apply an aspect of our methodology to their own strategic communications or narrative change work. 

We’ll work with you to tailor a training or workshop to the needs of your organization and community. We’ve led trainings on:

  • audience and impact
  • strategic, impact-focused distribution approaches
  • learning from the tactics of disinformation or defamation campaigns
  • developing measurement and evaluation plans for visual media projects, campaigns, and events
  • narrative framing

Whatever your needs are when it comes to strategic, impact-driven advocacy, we’re here to help!

Emerging Media

We work within an ecosystem of creators who are leveraging the power of emerging media to strengthen civil society. We’ve begun to incorporate emerging media by creating virtual reality experiences that help grassroots advocate with international financial institutions. We are continuing to explore new ways to get these kinds of stories in front of target audiences, including actively looking for opportunities to tap the potential of emerging media to advance human rights for all. Through our extensive international creative network, we can conceive and produce unique experiences that take many forms:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Social gaming
  • Multimedia installations