NMAP’s range of services are designed to meet civil society organizations where they are. Our multidisciplinary team combines the crafts legal advocacy, filmmaking, campaign design, emerging media, and distribution, and our international network of creative partners spans more than 30 countries. We balance experimentation and new approaches with the rigor demanded of human rights advocacy.

Media Production


NMAP partners with organizations to conceive, produce, and distribute video in a range of styles and genres. Our films are integrated into civil society frameworks: legal strategies, policy advocacy, community mobilization, data-targeted social media campaigns, education, and outreach. Working with NMAP on a video production collaboration includes:

  • Strategy development and audience refinement
  • Creative concepting
  • Strategic framing and reframing
  • Production and post production
  • Distribution strategy and support

Empowerment media

NMAP has expertise creating media that translates the dense language of law and policy for a range of target audiences, from lawmakers to indigenous communities. Our empowerment media uses a range of formats, depending on the target audience and current context of the issue. That includes animation, motion graphics, and data visualization, among others.


Emerging Media

We work within an ecosystem of creators who are leveraging the power of emerging media to strengthen civil society. We’ve begun to incorporate emerging media by creating virtual reality experiences that help grassroots advocate with international financial institutions. We are continuing to explore new ways to get these kinds of stories in front of target audiences, including actively looking for opportunities to tap the potential of emerging media to advance human rights for all. Through our extensive international creative network, we can conceive and produce unique experiences that take many forms:

  • Virtual reality
  • Augmented reality
  • Social gaming
  • Multimedia installations


Strategy Partnerships

NMAP works on many projects focused on skills-building, helping organizations develop strategies for effectively using the power of new media in their work.

  • Workshops and skills-building on video creation and advocacy storytelling
  • Pre-production partnerships
  • Coalition building
  • Mentorship and capacity building  


Brainstorming and Connections  

If you’re an activist, organization or anyone else thinking about how new media might advance your work, let’s have a conversation! We are eager to share ideas, explore possibilities, look at funding opportunities, and–if a project with NMAP isn’t the right fit–connect you with people in our network that can help.