NMAP 2022 Annual Report

NMAP works with global communities to change narratives to advance human rights and environmental justice. We share our research on narratives and values, and our expertise in impact storytelling, with people on the frontlines of global crises. Working as co-producers, we assemble cohorts of creative changemakers, mentor them through our narrative change curriculum, and make grants to realize their visions for a better future.

Over the last decade, NMAP has co-created narrative change campaigns in 30 countries with more than 100 NGOs, communities, and individuals who envision, and work to actualize, a better future. We channel that experience into Rights Reframed, our narrative change mentorship program for emerging movement leaders on the frontlines of climate change and human rights struggles, and Beneath the Surface, our program that helps communities impacted by mining projects use narrative power to stand up to powerful governments and multinational corporations who seek to exploit their resources


New Media Advocacy Project

Publication Date
February 10, 2023

Publication Type
Annual Reports