Narrative Change Around Disability & Climate Change: Insights and Recommendations from Stakeholders and Community Members in the Niger Delta

In 2022-2023, NMAP conducted an exploratory study on disability and climate change activism in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria with the support of Ford Foundation and in collaboration with local and international partners.* Our goal was two-fold:

  • Explore the narrative landscape pertaining to disability rights and climate justice in the Niger Delta, and
  • Identify opportunities to advance solidarity between the two movements.

This project was designed as a community-engaged study, which strongly prioritized listening to the lived experiences of 80+ persons with disabilities (PWDs) and representatives of disability and climate justice civil society organizations (CSOs) in Akwa Ibom, Bayelsa, and Rivers states of the Niger Delta. In order to ensure co-ownership of the research findings and to avoid extractive relationships between the research target groups and the research team, we also pursued regular validation sessions, which helped us build trust with the target communities. The fieldwork is supplemented with literature review and Media Landscape Analysis, which cumulatively analyzed 100+ academic and media pieces on intersectionality of climate and disability activism from Nigeria and abroad.

As a product of co-ownership between the research team and the Niger Delta communities, this report is offered for use by funders, CSOs, and the government to:

  • Gain insights into the issues preventing cross-cause solidarity scene in the Niger Delta, and
  • Consider the recommendations for narrative change work and hands-on accessibility and inclusivity agenda, which can help improve the quality of life for PWDs and nurture more trust-based collaborations between the different civil society groups in the region.

*  Our project partners included research consultancy Evrima Research; Media Awareness and Justice Initiative (MAJI), who led the fieldwork activities in the Niger Delta; and Ruth Taylor, a narrative strategist. Special thanks goes to the Inclusive Friends Association (IFA) for their support in preparing this report.

Anastasia Kolobrodova
Okoro Onyekachi Emmanuel
Olesya Dovgalyuk
Ruth Taylor
Stephen Steim

New Media Advocacy Project

Publication Date
July 29, 2023

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