Contract Project Manager


Position Title: Contract Project Manager
Contract Length: August – December 2020, with possibility of extension
Deadline for Application: July 24, 2020
Hours: part-time, 32 hours/week
Location: Remote

About NMAP
New Media Advocacy Project (NMAP) is a team of narrative strategists working at the
intersection of narrative change, movement building, and cultural engagement. Our roots are
in human rights advocacy and visual storytelling, and we work with grassroots groups to
understand the nuanced picture of beliefs, values, and behaviors that underlie entrenched and
polarizing issues. The narrative change strategies that arise from this work are informed by the
science of framing, impact measurement, and strategic distribution. In the last 10 years, we’ve
worked with more than 100 human and environmental groups in 40 countries to make
measurable impact on a range of issues, from the death penalty to indigenous rights to
corporate abuse by mining corporations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement
NMAP is committed to building and maintaining an inclusive, anti-racist, multicultural
workplace. As a human rights organization that addresses systemic injustices in all facets of
society, we strive to promote the kind of equitable world we fight for alongside our global
partners. We see diversity, equity, and inclusion as a core part of our mission and responsibility.

Position Overview
NMAP is seeking a project manager to coordinate our project work on extractives in Guinea,
DRC, and Haiti. The project manager will be primarily responsible for managing relationships
with partners and coordinating trainings and community screenings in the region as well as
laying the groundwork for a community-focused survey of attitudes towards mining and
development. The ideal candidate should have experience managing international projects
and work well remotely as a part of our distributed team.

● Oversee NMAP’s environmental justice work in Guinea, DRC, and Haiti
● Work with the leadership team on the strategic development of programmatic work.
● Manage day to day relationships and communications with international partner
organizations, across languages and time zones.
● Lead field production and project implementation, including coordinating schedules,
travel, equipment, and logistics.
● Recruit and manage contractors, particularly media production assistance, translators,
and editors.
● Assist with grant reporting and evaluation for environmental justice work in Guinea,
DRC, and Haiti.
● Implement outreach, audience engagement efforts and strategic distribution, which are
unique to each project.

● Fluent in English and French
● Experience working in sub-Saharan Africa, especially Guinea (Conakry)
● Experience managing cross-cultural projects.
● Knowledge of climate justice and the extractives industry.
● A demonstrated commitment to environmental rights, social justice, and public interest
● Experience with grassroots community organizing.
● Some knowledge of media production is a plus.

$49,600 at 80% schedule, (equivalent to $62,000 at full time) plus PTO, medical, dental and
vision benefits.

How to Apply
Please send a resume and cover letter to with the subject line
“Project Manager.”